Corporate Wellness Consulting

A successful wellness program means having a healthy culture. We have helped organizations small and large develop affordable, custom strategies that successfully incorporate wellness into their unique culture.

Being a local provider means we can be an onsite partner to:

  • Provide you with a dedicated Wellness Coordinator to build and implement custom, wellness solution
  • Design the wellness program and incentive strategies
  • Evaluate and coordinate wellness vendors
  • Set and meet goals
  • Be a visible part of the wellness committee
  • Create effective communication plans
  • Evaluate and act on results

Our consulting strategy involves the coordination of various components and partners all working cohesively to achieve the most comprehensive and effective wellness program for your organization. In addition to our 7 key strategies, Spire Wellness also facilitates the following components:
Evidence and experience drive both how we consult our clients and the wellness strategies that we design. Our Corporate Wellness Consulting Program focuses on 7 key strategies that create a culture of health:

    1. Capture Senior Management Support
    2. Create a Successful Wellness Committee/Team
    3. Collect Data
    4. Craft an Operating Plan (Goals, Budget, Timeline, Communication)
    5. Choose Appropriate Interventions (Challenges, Custom Marketing Pieces, Incentives)
    6. Create a Supportive Environment
    7. Carefully Evaluate Outcomes