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About Us


“Spire” is a recognized symbol in the architecture world for two reasons:  for its strength, as signified by its spear point, and for its representation of hope as it reaches for the sky.  Spire represents who we are because it symbolizes this upward achievement and the aspiration to engage, motivate, and influence population health.  As a health and wellness company, we are in the achievement business.  Our mission is to help organizations and their employees be inspired to live a healthy lifestyle and actively realize a higher point of well-being and productivity.

At its core, wellness is about changing behavior and driving organizational well-being.  Successful wellness programs not only produce positive results but are inspirational to their participants:  giving a population the desire to learn and take action. ‘Spire” not only speaks to the emotional appeal of accomplishment, but is a reminder that health and wellness is something we are all striving for, a discipline and action we choose each and every day.

Our aspiration is to be a partner in achieving your goals through personalized, focused, and onsite service.

Evidence Based Strategies

Our Motto is: Use what works to get results. Experience and continued learning play a big part in providing successful client programs.

Timely Communication

Utilizing all avenues of communication strategies in order to engage each individual. Good communication = successful programs.

Data Driven Results

Results are evaluated to make sure benchmarks are achieved. Thoughtful program design aligns with current data, trends analysis and future goals.

Innovative Programming

Creative, effective and budget-friendly strategies that maximize Corporate and Individual results.

Recent Blog Posts

Learn from the top thought leaders in the industry.

Meet Our Trainer – Alexis

  This week’s Trainer spotlight is Alexis Mitchell! We love this girl and the way incorporates fun into her workouts. You can find out more about Alexis below! Education/Certifications Fitness Management & Personal Training through IUPUI (2017) PT Certification (Summer 2016) Training Specialties: Bootcamp classes Dance Instructor Works one on one with personal training Group fitness classes Fitness Passions: “My favorite type of passions are intense bootcamp style workouts and weight training. I love working out and dancing. These fitness activities keep me young and moving. Proper nutrition – when it comes to eating, I eat within moderation. I try to choose the healthier options when going out to...

Exercising Outdoors: Beat the Summer Heat

Exercising Outdoors: Beat the Summer Heat   It’s beautiful outdoors this time of year, and the warm weather makes it impossible to stay indoors. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy some outdoor activities. Whether it’s grilling out, taking a walk, going on a family bike ride, it’s all fun and games when its warm out- that is until it’s TOO warm. We all crave summertime until we’re faced with its realities. Stifling heat, high humidity, and the many times we question why in the world we invested in those black leather seats.   While the heat can be an annoyance (and sometimes downright unbearable), it can also be dangerous. In particular, if you’re trying to start or continue a workout routine. It’s difficult to run on a treadmill or stationary bike when you know you know that you could be doing the same thing in the real world with fresh air.   The good news is- you are entirely free to exercise outdoors. There are even benefits to exercising in the heat and having your workout inspired by the outdoors. So do it, go outside, but keep in mind that heat safety is of the utmost importance. If you exercise outdoors without understanding the effects of heat on your body, you are at risk of experiencing heat-related illnesses that cause stress on the body. Here are a few ways you can make sure you’re staying safe during your outdoor workouts.   Keep your eye on the forecast If you are trying to decide when you’re going to fit your workout, keep your eye on the temperatures. Maybe it’s...

CHIP: The Right Choice for Your Employees

  CHIP: The Right Choice for Your Employees? If you’re reading this, then I’m guessing that you’ve heard about the CHIP Program (if not then read this article to catch up (insert article link here) and now you’re trying to decide if this is a step that your business should take for its employees’ health. The success stories of the program are increasing, with more than 75,000 graduated the program with positive results, but is it for you and your company? Here are some ways to know if the program is right for you:   If you are looking to increase employee productivity/satisfaction: Then you should keep your eye on this program. Employees who are not engaged in healthy lifestyles tend to be less productive, have less job satisfaction, and an increased insurance rates (Casio, Grawitch).  Choosing a program such as CHIP allows or early intervention, prevention, and the reversal of disease progression, employees can be healthier, happier and more productive. CHIP describes these results as both employer and employee “enjoying substantially reduced medical costs and an improved bottom line.”   If you want a program that caters to more than obesity management: A lot of programs out there are pushing for obesity management, and while this is a significant health factor, there are so many more facets of health management. CHIP follows the mantra that more than 75% of our western diseases are lifestyle related. This concept infers that with the lifestyle changes promoted by this project, diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, certain adult cancers, depression/anxiety, and fatigue. CHIP has had multiple screenings that show significant improvement...

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