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Wellness Consulting


Within 18 months, a Corporate Wellness Client reduced its PEPM claims cost by $58.29 and increased its Onsite Fitness center usage by 243%

Within 2 years of implementing a wellness program, one Client has seen the following results:

  • 32% of surveyed employees lost weight
  • 47% of surveyed employees increased physical activity
  • 59% of surveyed employees became more health conscious
  • 56% of surveyed employees incorporated healthier foods into their diet

One employee commented, “The Wellness Program is an AMAZING offering.  I’ve been here a year and am blown away by the opportunities available to employees.  Thank you!”

“The Wellness program encouraged me to regularly do annual wellness visits with my doctor and participate in a biometric screening.  This saved my life by finding cancer that, at this stage, is treatable.”

– Wellness Program Participant

“I enjoy the Wellness challenges because it reminds me that my Employer knows that life is more than just work – it helps me think about life as a whole and remember to be good to myself and put my health as a top priority.”

– Wellness Program Participant

Over the last 4 years the Wellness program has been in place, one Corporate Client’s claims dropped 29%.

One Client has been recognized for the second year-in-a-row as one of the Healthiest Employers in America!

“I am glad to have attended your information session on the sugar levels, hazards and intake. It has made me develop a new habit – to check sugar contents in anything before eating. I think it’s a good practice!”

– Wellness Program participant in Sugar Shakedown Challenge

“I appreciate you doing this contest and raising awareness. I would have not changed my habits had it not been for this challenge.”

– Wellness Program Participant

“Coming to {Employer}, I was pleasantly surprised at how much my well-being was being considered.

Through Spire, I have been motivated to take part in classes once a week that introduced me to new exercises. Where I live, yoga is not offered at my gym, and being able to try it at work made me fall in love with it!

I’m noticing that I am more flexible which alleviates my back pain, but I also feel more mentally relaxed to take on the remainder of my day. The once a week classes hold me accountable because I know the intensity of the total body workout, and if I want to keep up and do well, I have to stay in shape those other 6 days of the week.

On top of in-person encouragement from my Spire Wellness Coach, Alex, I love the challenges offered at {Employer}! I’m naturally competitive with myself and want to see how well I can do with new programs.

I’ve been able to gain a healthier mindset by feeling part of a company who cares about my health, but also gives me the tools to improve it. I’m truly grateful and love seeing my progress!”

– Wellness Program Participant

Onsite Coaching


Through the Onsite Coaching Program, *Matt has lost 10-15 pounds, increased his bench press repetition from 50# to 140#, and has been consistent in his resolve to use the gym on a daily basis!

He is an inspiration because he shows exactly what is possible with a bit of motivation and a lot of hard work!

He credits the Coaching Program for his success by providing him with an opportunity to take advantage of the many benefits afforded to him!

One employee let us know that due to his consistent workouts with his Spire Trainer and his dedication to following the nutrition plan outlined for him, he is completely off of his cholesterol medication!

He also mentioned that he’s significantly reduced his blood pressure medication as well. He’s thrilled at his results and is mostly excited at the fact that he’s finally able to apply for life insurance.  He was previously unable to do so due to his medical condition.

“I consciously exercise a lot more now.  I love biking, and I ride 3-4 days a week for approximately 30 to 90 minutes.

Plus, I’ve really enjoyed taking advantage of the fitness trainers that my Employer provides. Since I began working out with the trainers I have felt better than ever! Since I’ve started the program, I’ve gotten control of my base numbers and I’ve seen my weight drop by 10 pounds. Even my family has noticed that I look slimmer than before.”

– Coaching Program Participant

“Joe came to work one morning complaining of muscle tightness in his leg.  While I began stretching him, I noticed his mobility and range of motion were extremely limited. After we went through some stretches, Joe, not wanting to look weak in front of the crew, decided that he would toughen it out and still work that day.

I alerted his supervisor to the situation, as I knew he was dealing with serious impairment, who requested that Joe see a physician before returning to work. As it turns out, Joe had a hamstring strain that required immediate rest. Without the accountability system that was in place, Joe would have attempted to toughen it out, would have also been a detriment to his crewmates potentially putting them at risk, and could have possibly experienced further injury.

Joe is an advocate of the Wellness Coaching Program, because he understands that the Employer’s main goal and purpose is to ensure the safety of the crew”

– Spire Wellness Trainer

“Last spring, I was training to run my first full marathon. I was on track to be in the best shape of my life post children.  Alongside of training for the marathon, I was also working with Spire Trainer,  Alex, and feeling really great about my fitness.

This all came to a fast halt when I tore my ACL and Meniscus playing intramural basketball.  Staying active and being fit has always been a huge part of my life.  I felt very lost with the restrictions I now had due to my injury and the minimal workouts I was allowed to do.

Thankfully, Alex worked with me through this entire process.  I was instructed to build my leg muscles as strong as I could before surgery. Alex helped keep me positive and reassured me that someday I would be back to training and not to give up.

Post-surgery was very depressing for an athlete. I felt lazy and downright bad about myself. I was not allowed to walk for 6 weeks and my right leg was immobilized.  Using crutches, I would meet early in the morning with Alex to do basic stretches and strengthening actives.  I envied the people around me who could workout and be active.  Again, Alex helped me mentally stay positive and never let me give up on my rehab.

When I was finally given a date I could start walking and putting weight on my leg, I was scared. My doctor literary said, “Just walk.”  I was beyond frustrated. This seemed like such a simple task, but I didn’t know where to begin. I went to my training session with Alex and told him the good news that I could walk, but my fears and frustrations of not knowing how to do it.  I felt like a small child scared to take my first steps.  Alex was very patient with me and helped me immensely.

I will never forget Alex teaching me to walk again and how grateful I was for his help. Alex became my light at the end of a very dark depressing tunnel. I am forever grateful for all the help and support Alex gave me and continues to give me.

Since my injury, I continue to train with Alex and Paige.  I have gone from someone who couldn’t walk to being active again! I am nowhere near where I was last spring, but by working out regularly and setting goals with Alex and Paige I am confident that one day I will be!”

– Wellness Trainer Program Participant

Virtual Coaching


*Bob had not been working out at all before the start of the Virtual Coaching program. He was eating out regularly and would often order unhealthy meals and high-calorie drinks.

After just a few weeks of the program, Bob works out two to three times a week and has learned how to make healthier choices when dining.  He’s also lost 7 pounds!

*Julie started the Virtual Coaching Program with a very sedentary lifestyle, eating her lunch at her desk and getting up only to use the bathroom. She often felt tired and exhausted for most of her day. She rated her exhaustion at a level 8 out of 10  level throughout most of the day.

After just 9 weeks in the program, Julie now meets her goal of 10,000 steps/day a minimum of 3 days per week. She also completes 2 resistance training workouts a week and bikes on the weekends. She regularly walks to a healthy lunch at work.

She also says her circulation has improved. She is excited that she has much more energy and now rates her level of exhaustion at a 3-4 rating!  Most importantly, she says she feels much better!

*Michael started the Wellness Coaching Program pre-hypertensive and overweight. His only regular activity was intramural hockey, which he played 2 days a week. He struggled with healthy dietary choices and needed help developing a regular exercise routine.

His Spire Wellness Coach encouraged him to log his food and exercise, which he’s done consistently throughout the duration of the program. Now when it comes to making healthy meal choices he has much more confidence in himself, especially when it comes to group outings. He has been exercising for 30-90 minutes 4-5 days a week and he is continuing to see progress.

After just 8 weeks in the program, he has lost 12 lbs and is no longer pre-hypertensive!

*Bill struggled at the beginning of the program to do any sort of physical activity or consistently attend his sessions.

To encourage him to see success, we modified his goals to those areas he was ready to make changes in.

Previously he would start his day with only coffee, no water or breakfast, and he had not exercised in a long time. By the end of the 10-week session, he eats a healthy breakfast ever day of the week, drinks a 40oz bottle of water daily, and gets 1 workout in a week!

*Kate started with some previous workout experience; however, at the start of the Virtual Coaching Program she was lacking motivation to work out regularly.

After redefining her goals and developing a routine, she now consistently exercises 6 days a week.

When *Jake started the Virtual Coaching program, he wasn’t doing any physical activity throughout the day. He was eating fast food regularly and his regular nutrition left room for improvement. He also used to sit at his desk for 8-12 hour stretches without moving.

After several weeks in the program, Jake is now exercising regularly and is more mindful of his nutrition and eating habits. He eats healthy meals and snacks for a large majority of his food intake and stays within his recommended caloric intake. He is also now more aware of his sodium intake and tries to keep it close to the recommended daily limit (Something many of us far exceed on a daily basis). He now tries to stand up and move at least every hour, which is a huge success.

Jake says that when his family is watching TV he will get up and run in place during commercials. His success in 8 weeks has included: a weight loss of 10 pounds; he feels better and has more energy; a reduced risk for high blood pressure and a cardiovascular-related death; a reduced risk for a shortened life expectancy.  He’s also training successfully for a 5k!

*Carrie had a fairly active lifestyle. She was exercising 4-5 days per week for 30 minutes at a time. She attended fitness classes at her local gym when she had the time and she had a fairly sound diet.

Although she was in good health she struggled with making her workouts a priority, as well as overcoming motivational issues.  She asked her Spire Coach for training advice for her first obstacle race.

She went from only being able to run for a minute or two to running 12 minute intervals, and she is now working out consistently 5 days per week (even on work trips)! She has further refined her diet and  has developed a firm foundation of short term and long term goals, as well as a list of motivating factors that will help her to make regular physical activity a priority.

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