Onsite Wellness Coaching

See outcomes faster using Onsite Wellness Coaching to achieve individual success stories, physical results and an organizational culture shift. 

Spire Wellness’s Coaching Program provides onsite, personalized health & wellness coaching directly for your population to attain results. Spire Wellness strives to make healthy behaviors easy, convenient and low cost.  We bring expert coaches to your organization weekly to increase participation, accountability and outcomes.

Hiring a personal trainer at your local gym can cost anywhere from $35-$70 per half hour, a price most individuals cannot afford. Gym memberships often go unused due to lack of motivation, accountability, and ease of access.  Throughout the course of the Spire Wellness Coaching Program, employees have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a nutrition & fitness expert every week to meet their personal health & wellness goals.

Spire Wellness Coaches have four year health degrees and/or are certified personal trainers.  Their experience, expertise and professionalism allows them the ability to motivate and design customized training for a wide range of readiness and physical ability. 


Personal Training

  • 30 minutes weekly during a designated time
  • Our Coaches are certified personal trainers and can help people of all ages and abilities reach their fitness goals
  • Programs are customized and tailored to fit individual needs
  • 1-2 people are allowed per session

Power 15's

  • 15 minutes weekly during a designated time
  • One-on-one, quick and effective mini-personal training sessions with a certified personal trainers
  • No need to change clothes
  • Re-energize and ward off the afternoon slump!
  • Upper/Lower back conditioning
  • Light strength training
  • Core conditioning
  • And much more…

Fitness Classes

  • 30-60 minutes weekly, no sign up needed
  • Group training is extremely effective for building habits and a healthy work culture
  • Our certified personal trainers are motivation experts trained to achieve individual goals in a group environment
  • Range of classes to accommodate any fitness level
  • Builds camaraderie and accountability

Stretch & De-Stress

  • 15 minutes weekly during a designated time
  • Guided relaxation and assisted stretching one-on-one with a Certified Personal Trainer
  • Flexibility improves mobility, posture and balance
  • De-Stressing can boost heart health, focus and mental capacity

One-on-One Health Coaching

  • 15 minutes weekly during a designated time
  • Customized consultations and accountability with a Personal Wellness Coach
  • Activities are tailored to individual goals but may include:
  • Custom workout plans
  • Nutrition Planning/Counseling
  • Smoking Cessation Techniques
  • Stress Management Tips
  • Developing a training program (for 5k, 10k, mini-marathons, marathons)

Occupational Services

  • Proactive services with the intent to provide a safe environment and reduce occupational injuries
  • Pre-shift warm-up and exercises
  • Injury Prevention education:  lifting techniques, ergonomics, proper stretches that are important for specific job functions.
  • Pre-hire physical fitness tests
  • Post-hire conditioning camps/training
  • Stretching and muscle warm-up to prevent injuries
  • Return to Work conditioning

Healthy Bytes

  • Bring the Spire Coaches onsite for fun health discussions in a group setting
  • Full Interactive Workshops and Lunch and Learns and/or short, byte-sized Educational Sessions
  • Topics ranging from “Healthy Eating” and “Designing a Workout” to “Heart Health and Stress Management”
  • Employers choose how often to incorporate Healthy Bytes throughout the year
  • Create visibility for the wellness program and provide health education through interactive and informative sessions

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