CHIP – Lifestyle Intervention Program

   What is the CHIP Program?

It is an affordable, lifestyle program designed to reduce risk factors thru better health habits, nutrition, and lifestyle   modifications.

An intensive lifestyle modification program, CHIP is focused on food and diet, activity and exercise, stress   management, and alleviation of unhealthy habits.

A typical session included an instructional video viewing, a cooking demonstration, group discussion, and an   exercise component. The intent of the intervention was to nurture intelligent self-care through enhanced   understanding of the epidemiology, cause, and risk factors associated with chronic lifestyle-related diseases.

   Length of the Program:

  • 18 sessions over 3 months

   What’s Involved:

  • Pre and Post Lab work (blood draws)
  • HRA
  • Small Group Settings

  Proven Results with:

  • Reversal of type 2 diabetes
  • Reduce stroke risk
  • Normalizes blood pressure
  • Lowers average cholesterol by 10-25% or more
  • Lessens Depression
  • Lowers Body Weight and Body Fat %

  For more information about CHIP – Lifestyle Intervention Program please call 317.715.1415 or

Watch this video:  Testimony from Mark McNeill on coronary disease reversal with the CHIP program. (1:38 min.)

Watch this video: Testimony from Lynn Anastas on her improvement and reversal of osteoarthritis after going through the CHIP program. (1:35 min.)