74% of all healthcare costs are due to lifestyle-related behaviors, and are, therefore, PREVENTABLE.  Most employers today aren’t pondering if they should implement a wellness program, but rather, which solutions will be the most effective, how to successfully launch and sustain health and wellbeing as a part of the culture, and when will results be seen.

Not only does a healthy culture impact health care costs, it also has a major influence over recruiting and retaining top talent, productivity and employee morale.  Bottom line, all of these translate into the financial health and success of the organization.

Since 2007, Spire Wellness has facilitated employers and individuals to improve aniStock_000009641936Smalld maintain healthy habits by developing and implementing customized, onsite wellness strategies.  After identifying a need in the marketplace for a ‘hands-on”, personalized corporate wellness model, we built a consultative approach focused on integrating health into every aspect of the organizational culture.  We believe that wellness is not only an employee benefit, but an important part of the overall business strategy.  We’ve worked with nationally recognized organizations to build tailored programs to support both their unique culture and employee health as a top priority.  Through this investment, our clients see measurable individual success, along with reduction in medical costs, a more engaged workforce, higher job satisfaction and increased productivity across the organization.

At Spire, we are in the achievement business.  Our partnered approach focuses on understanding our client, setting achievable goals, and designing a custom, “hands-on” strategy built specifically to achieve measurable outcomes.  To accelerate success, we provide on-site services that will propel initiatives and bring Wellness to life.

It’s Well within reach.


“Wellness is a connection of paths: knowledge and action.”  – Joshua Welch.

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