Keep It Simple

“Minimalism” is definitely a buzz word in today’s culture, which makes some people leery of the lifestyle’s benefits. “Less is more” is not a common or popular idea and living the simple life is often counter-cultural. From billboards and commercials to social media, we are bombarded every day by hundreds of messages that clutter up our awareness and our lives. Reducing the stress of having cluttered space in your life, whether it’s mental or physical, is what minimalism is all about. In other words, keep it simple.

Simplicity is making space in your life for what’s truly important and cleaning the clutter out. This means something different for everyone. Maybe you have a house that is filled down to the last nook and cranny. Or maybe you just have a lot on your plate at the moment with no time to just experience life. Whatever the case, practicing simplicity has numerous benefits that go beyond what the trend of “minimalism” can describe.

Freedom: the more material things and stress that we have, the more we are tied down. Possessions tend to keep us in one place when we fear losing them. Stress can hamper our willingness to let ourselves feel free to try new things and live life to the fullest. Giving up the hold that materialism and anxious living have on you can open up the doors of your life to many new things.

Joy: possessions and the stressful situations that we find ourselves in do not give meaning to our lives. More often than not, they distract us from what is truly important and leave us with a void that is hard to fill. When you decide to stop fearing what you can lose in life, you can begin to experience real, lasting joy instead of the brief happiness that possessions tend to provide.

Confidence: leaving your clutter and letting yourself experience life more is what the simplistic lifestyle is all about. It hinges on self-reliance and individuality, and as you learn to define yourself by your interests and experiences, instead of your belongings, your confidence in your identity will grow.

Practicing the discipline of simplicity allows us to determine our identity from what we have experienced and it provides us with the freedom to explore all that life has to offer. For more information on simple living and other wellness strategies, please call Spire Wellness at 317.715.1415 or email Jaime Bowling at