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A “Spire” is a recognized symbol in the architecture world for two reasons:  for its strength, as signified by its spear point, and for its representation of hope as it reaches for the sky.  Spire represents who we are because it symbolizes this upward achievement and the aspiration to engage, motivate, and influence population health.  As a health and wellness company, we are in the achievement business.  Our mission is to help organizations and their employees be inspired to live a healthy lifestyle and actively realize a higher point of well-being and productivity.

At its core, wellness is about changing behavior and driving organizational well-being.  Successful wellness programs not only produce positive results but are inspirational to their participants:  giving a population the desire to learn and take action. ‘Spire” not only speaks to the emotional appeal of accomplishment, but is a reminder that health and wellness is something we are all striving for, a discipline and action we choose each and every day.

Our aspiration is to be a partner in achieving your goals through personalized, focused, and onsite service.

Evidence Based Strategies

Our Motto is: Use what works to get results. Experience and continued learning play a big part in providing successful client programs.

Timely Communication

Utilizing all avenues of communication strategies in order to engage each individual. Good communication = successful programs.

Data Driven Results

Results are evaluated to make sure benchmarks are achieved. Thoughtful program design aligns with current data, trends analysis and future goals.

Innovative Programming

Creative, effective and budget-friendly strategies that maximize Corporate and Individual results.

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On Target Health

Are you still looking for a program that helps your population with obesity?  Have you tried the biggest loser contest to find that so many people “lose weight” during the challenge but quickly gain it back.  The truth is more times than not most people are losing muscle and not fat during that challenge.  Fat which is the “root cause” to so many chronic diseases has to be the focus but when losing fat does not always mean the scale will move down in the beginning. Most people begin “diets” and the first thing they do is cut out meals, snacks, or simply just not eat.  There is not a cream, drink, or anything else that is going to help you lose weight if your lifestyle and knowledge of your body is not in line. The On Target program helps you to understand your numbers.  It will help you to identify body fat percentage, lean mass percentage, water percentage and your resting metabolic rate.  All these numbers are important to know exactly what your body needs to lose “FAT”.  During the program you have a health coach that provides support, talks thru choices to make with food, and more.  You are constantly being checked to watch your body fat percentage and lean mass because its important to move the fat down and lean mass up.  If you only checked your weight or BMI you probably would not see much change! Please contact us so we can share with you more about the program and how it truly can help you and your employees with the battle of obesity, diabetes,...

Fact vs Fiction….What Millennials really want from worksite wellness

Millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce. This age group, born between the early 1980s and early 2000s, accounts for one-third of the total population and outnumbers Generation Xers and baby boomers.1 Yet their health needs are varied and nuanced. For today’s employer, simply knowing that millennials are everywhere isn’t actionable. Wellness initiatives based on generalized and simplistic assumptions can undermine employee morale and retention, productivity, and health outcomes. The emergence of health analytics is helping reveal what simple statistics cannot: the unique demographics, trends and health profile of your millennial population. With data, you can reevaluate employee wellness to segment your millennial workforce, plan tailored engagement strategies, and implement personalized interventions. The first step in developing your millennial wellness strategy is understanding the themes that define this generation’s view of health. Here are ten forces to consider when crafting your strategy for millennial wellbeing. Click Below to keep reading……….. fact vs. fiction-what millennials really want from worksite...

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